Medley Genomics is the first company dedicated to addressing the challenges of genomic heterogeneity in the diagnosis and treatment of complex diseases. Initially focused in oncology, we aim to characterize not just the patients' primary tumor mutation profile obtained from the mixed tumor-cell population but rather extend this data to define the distinct mutation profiles seen in the heterogeneous tumor cell sub-populations to better inform therapeutic decisions.


Medley was founded to utilize advanced analytics to assess the complex genomic heterogeneity in biological samples and support targeted therapies. Thus we are employing cutting edge algorithms and software developed by Dr. Ben Raphael, formerly of Brown University and now a Professor at Princeton University and a world leader in oncology computational biology. Medley treats genomic heterogeneity as the disease. 


Precision Medicine is changing our ability to treat cancer patients and offer extended life times. Yet cancer still accounts for 1 in every 4 deaths in the US, some 600K in 2015. Further, more than 1.6M new diagnoses occur each year. Understanding tumor cell genomic heterogeneity remains a fundamental problem to address. Existing solutions offered by over 2000 diagnostic and clinical labs provide a collective view of the tumor and correspondingly offer recommendations on care. Medley believes that this strategy selects for the abundant mutations but rare cell populations, overlooked, can then result in resistance cells or distal metastases. In the near-term, Medley is aligning with major medical centers to offer a service platform. Longer-term, Medley’s databases and analytical tools will provide specialized personalized tools for laboratories and medical centers.


Medley has raised seed funding to expedite company goals. The company co-founder and CEO, Patrice Milos has been a pioneer at the interface of genomics and medicine. She recently held the position of President/CEO at Claritas Genomics in Cambridge and had a successful career at Pfizer prior. Medley has entered into an exclusive worldwide license with Brown University covering the software solutions used by the company to achieve their goals.