Medley Genomics Selected for Philips Healthworks Startup Program Focused on Precision Cancer Care

Medley Genomics was selected from an applicant base of over 200 start-ups, as one of the nine participants in the Philips HealthWorks Startup Program running in Cambridge MA, focused on Oncology. The program which began in February and runs for 12 weeks has the company engaged in an intensive learning cycle with Philips, providing unparalleled access to experts from across their business and the Cambridge innovation community.

This represents a signature program for Philips which has transitioned to becoming a global health technology leader it has created an outstanding network of experts, healthcare partners, global innovation hubs and a world-class, healthcare-compliant technology platform. As part of their open innovation initiative, they are making these assets available to selected startups via their startup program that is run across the globe in key health technology developmental sites like Cambridge.

From a Medley Genomics perspective Philips’ provides deep knowledge of the molecular information systems required for physician decision making. With the Cambridge Philips HealthWorks Startup Program focused on Oncology: Precision Cancer Care, Medley Genomics has the opportunity to understand the physician/patient facing perspective that Philips offers during the course of the program.  This understanding will allow the company to truly envision and build a future where Medley Genomics can truly change the course of cancer care for patients by delivering individualized therapies, optimizing combination therapies and avoiding disease relapse.

The program, based in Cambridge, MA, the site of the future North American headquarters for Philips, continues through May 10th and will culminate in company Pitch presentations to the Philips Leadership and Philips Innovation Partners from across the globe.